faces of the lab


the night must have settled, the dim light from the monitor casts a steady blue hue onto her face. here enters her, someone must have pressed the play button in her head, toes are zigzagging on the floor and fingers are floating in the air. is there enough space to fill, between what you see with your eyes closed, and what has and what is going to drench your heart.

you feel it too, don’t you
the flare of longing
the addictive craving
of stories to come
of things dissipate
and of aches that


then suddenly, i couldn’t hear what he was saying, but his words morphed into this silent yet bright image in my head. i saw michi standing on a football field in a murky evening, the floodlight struck on his face fiercely, so brutal that, all the sweat that fell from the stranded hairs, stagnated in the air. then i wondered, was he projecting the same concentrated stare, that pierced the thick fog while the green grass field fainted into blur. was it this unmitigated captivation, that enthralled him over and over, that freed him again and again.