Visiting researchers

Short stay visitors:
– Alejandro Lòpez Tobòn from the Testa Lab at IFOM-IEO
– Sandy L. Klemm from the Greenleaf Lab at Stanford
– Winston Yan from the Zhang Lab at the Broad Institute
– Alessandro Galbiati from the d’Adda di Fagagna Lab at IFOM-IEO
– Rossana Piccioni from the Pelicci Lab at IFOM-IEO
– Marta Grzelak from the Ginalski Lab at Warsaw University
– Idit Hazan from the Aqeilan Lab at Hebrew University
– Laura Annaratone from Turin University
– Nada Raddaoui from the Carell Lab at the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität
– Øyvind Ødegård from the Ellenberg lab at EMBL