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Our research interest lies in chromosome organization and its influence on gene expression. We are developing and applying state-of-the-art quantitative methods to measure DNA and RNA molecules at high-resolution in hundreds of single cells. We are building upon powerful methods for in situ quantification of DNA and RNA molecules, and integrating them with newly developed single-cell genomic assays to measure chromosome positioning, epigenetic states, and gene expression in a high-throughput fashion. We are combining technology development and experimental work with mathematical modeling and quantitative analyses to cast light on the fascinating question how two meters of DNA can fit in the microscopic volume of a cell’s nucleus.

Our group is a multicultural and multidisciplinary blend of enthusiastic people, willing to join forces and share their knowledge to make meaningful scientific advancements in a creative and collaborative work atmosphere. We welcome students from different background – including biology, biotechnology, medicine, physics, mathematics, and engineering – willing to learn an interdisciplinary and collaborative approach to fundamental questions in biology.



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